simply  pretty  friendly
It is sad, when websites are made for bots. We create websites for people.
Each one of our website has an idea and a concept in its design, because that's how we like it. There are websites with quality graphics, slide show, great style, but it has no exciting ideas. Because of the absence of the idea, the website is less legible and less interesting. Someone may say: “They didn't put their heart and soul into creating a website”. WE LIKE TO PUT OUR HEART AND SOUL INTO DESIGNING WEBSITES.
We are used to do everything with high standards of quality. We want to bring nice things into the world. We don't rush while working with quality. But if you want to get your order very quick, you shouldn't be surprised by the triple price or denial.
We don't work on weekends. Even if we do, it's more like an exception (that confirms the rule). Weekends are for rest!
Our offer takes no more than one page in writing. It is because of our ability to speak briefly and practically, and also we appreciate your time as well as our own.
Statistically, 95 percents of customers don't know what they want. And those who know, could be wrong.
Some say, the design is secondary. First there must be structure, and then – the design.
But for a good website the structure, the ways of user, the content come first and only after comes the design.